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What Is Maternal Massage?

Maternal Massage is a massage clinic that focuses on pregnancy and new motherhood. Pregnancy or prenatal massage is a very under-utilized tool for pregnant women. When you are pregnant, the changes that happen in your body can create neuro-muscular stress and pain. Prenatal massage is a great way to treat these symptoms and help relieve pain during pregnancy.

Who Is Maternal Massage?

Maternal Massage was created by Madison, a business owner here in Salt Lake. During Madison’s first pregnancy she used prenatal massage to help relieve her pregnancy pains. She began talking to other pregnant women and most told her she couldn’t have massage during pregnancy or that it would send her into labor. She realized that these women did not utilize massage because they did not know enough about it.

Madison is passionate about empowering and helping women so she began training to become a doula at this point. As she went through training she talked to more people and was met with the same misinformation from many.

Madison reached out to her friend Elaine, who has been practicing massage therapy for the last 16 years. They discussed prenatal massage and the possibility of creating a space for women to learn about this valuable tool and receive a safe and effective treatment to ease pregnancy pain.

 Why Choose Maternal Massage?

Massage clinics throughout Utah are failing the pregnant population. Many places don’t even offer prenatal massage and those that do, won’t do it during the first trimester (which is when all the changes in your body begin), make you lie on your side, and treat pregnant women like they are fragile. Madison decided to create a space for pregnant women to feel safe and comfortable while receiving a massage that helps ease symptoms they may be experiencing during pregnancy.

Maternal Massage has the specialized pillows that allow a pregnant woman to lay face down to receive a massage and all the therapists have extra training in prenatal massage. They have been trained to know that a pregnant woman can handle a firm massage, if that’s the clients’ request. There are no “cookie cutter” type massages done here at Maternal Massage. Each massage is tailored to get maximum results for the client.

 When Should You Visit Maternal Massage?

One of the great things about Maternal Massage is that you can receive prenatal massage throughout all stages of your pregnancy and then begin receiving postpartum massage within 5 days of giving birth. They also offer “regular” massage for all ages and genders, beginning with infant/pediatric massage.

Where Do I Book For Maternal Massage?

If you are interested in learning more about Maternal Massage and the treatments that they offer, you can call them at 385-351-5626 or click here to visit our online booking page.

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