Pregnancy comes with two times the amount of blood, increased fluid within the joints, and often water retention. Mom feels swollen, hot, and a lot less like herself. Swelling during pregnancy is often a result of decreased circulation and increased pressure on blood vessels. Most commonly you will find the swelling occurs in the feet, ankles, hands, and wrists. Swelling can cause all sorts of annoying issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, and it is important to keep the swelling to a minimum.

It is common knowledge that massage is beneficial when it comes to easing muscle aches and pains. What you may not know, is that massage is a circulatory event. During a massage, soft tissues are stimulated, reducing collection of fluid held within the joint. Massage techniques applied correctly will aid and improve the removal of tissue waste carried within the lymph system.

What kind of massage helps with swelling?

While there are many different massage modalities our Therapists are qualified to perform, Swedish massage is not only the most well-known form of circulatory massage, its one of the safest to perform on our pregnant clients. Swedish massage can be done at any preferred pressure, be modified to your changing needs, and provides the perfect setting for the body to flush toxins and return to a state of balance. When the body is in balance, the flow of fluid within the body can return to a normal and consistent pace. After the massage session, one may feel tender muscles, draining of fluid in the areas worked on, and the ability to move joints more freely.

It is important to recognize that swelling is a normal symptom of pregnancy and receiving a circulatory massage is perfectly safe. However, if the swelling is accompanied with skin that is hot to the touch, pain, redness, or appears to be pitting edema, your therapist may stop the session and encourage you to visit with your Doctor. These things could be made worse with a circulatory massage. If you find yourself with swelling at the time of your appointment, be sure to discuss this with your Prenatal Massage Therapist so they may observe the swollen areas and determine the healthiest course of action for you and your baby.

Maternal Massage Can Help

Establishing a regular massage regimen throughout your pregnancy is a great way to maintain a healthy body during your pregnancy. Aiding in the circulation of blood, increasing the flow of fluid, and giving Mom time for herself are only some of the ways you will be impacted by your visits to Maternal Massage. Each Therapist is highly trained and dedicated to giving each Mom-to Be the attention, love, and focus that they deserve. Call/text 385-351-5626 to schedule or click here to book online.