When a marathon runner crosses the finish line they can usually go right into a sports massage booth to have their muscles lightly worked in order to help prevent lactic acid build up. A few days later, they may go in for a sports massage and have the muscles worked deeper in order to relieve tension and flush out lactic acid. So the question is… why isn’t that offered regularly after labor? Do we not consider that to be as difficult on our bodies? Postnatal or postpartum massage can and should be an integral part of recovery.

What are the benefits of postpartum massage?

Postnatal massage has all the benefits of regular therapeutic massage. It can help to:

  • Light abdominal massage helps to reinstate the uterus to its original state and realign organs
  • Reduce fluid retention by increasing circulation
  • Promote circulation of blood in order to speed up recovery process
  • Relieve muscle aches and pains; special attention is given to hips, glutes, low back and legs

But beyond just the numerous physical benefits, it can also help restore your emotional balance. Studies have shown that massage can have a tremendous effect on postpartum depression. This is because of the hormones that are released throughout the massage.

When should you get a postpartum massage?

Mothers who delivered naturally can begin receiving postpartum massage as soon as five days after labor. In fact, it is recommended that you come in within 10 days. This is the best window for your therapist to address the specific issues that come with labor. Caesarean births may need to wait longer depending on their doctors recommendation. They should be able to lay on the table comfortably.

The first 10 days after giving birth can be crazy. You are trying to cope with a new baby, sleep whenever you can, and keep up with the rest of life. But don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make postpartum massage part of your postnatal care.

At Maternal Massage we specialize in prenatal massage AND postpartum massage. We have the experience, training and equipment needed to support you throughout each stage of pregnancy, labor and motherhood. And ladies, no need to be embarrassed, we are prepared for leakage. J Because we know how beneficial postpartum massage is we even offer to watch your baby for you if you can’t find a sitter.

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