What is prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage is also called pregnancy massage or maternity massage. It is a massage that focuses on pregnant women and the changing needs of their bodies. Using specialty pillows and extra training, we can make it safe to receive a massage while pregnant throughout your pregnancy. We can focus on areas like the hips, glutes and low back as those take the brunt of a lot of the changes in the body. Each massage is tailored to what your body needs at the time you come in for your service.

Why is Maternal Massage better than than other clinics in Salt Lake City?

Most importantly, each of our therapists has had extensive training in prenatal massage and each massage is tailored to the client. We don’t treat you as if you are fragile and can do a deeper pressure if that is your preference. We also have specialized orthopedic body support cushions that adjust to accommodate your growing tummy and breasts throughout your pregnancy. At Maternal Massage, we have the knowledge and the experience to provide the best care for you throughout each stage of pregnancy.

We were also voted best Massage in Utah in the KSL Voter’s Choice Awards!

What is required to book an appointment? And what happens if I have to cancel?

When you call to book your appointment, or book online, we will need to know how far along you are and if you have any high risk issues with your pregnancy. Please put that information in the notes. We also do require a credit card to hold your spot. That card will not be charged until the day of service, and you can change your payment method on that day. When you book your appointment that spot is reserved for you and cannot be offered to another client.

We require at least 24 hour notice for any rescheduling or cancellation. You can reach us at 801-505-8896 anytime to do this, just text or leave a message. You can also email us at [email protected] Cancelling without 24 hour notice will result in a fee equal to 50% of the service you were booked for. No shows will be charged 100% of the service you were booked for. If you give us 24 hour or more notice there will be no charge.

If you are in labor, please try to give us as much notice as possible to change your appointment to a postpartum massage. We will charge your card for 50% the service amount without 3 hours notice before the appointment if you are in labor.

Pre-Paid packages and services are NON-REFUNDABLE and expire one year from the date of purchase. You may use prepaid, unexpired sessions at any time before, during or after your pregnancy. We guarantee your experience here at Maternal Massage. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Are there certain things that can’t be done to a pregnant woman during massage?

There are very few things you cannot do during a maternity massage but you may have heard of a few “myths” that can be a little scary. Let’s address those: a foot massage will not put you into labor, we can use firm/deep pressure, we can massage you during the first trimester, and you can lie facedown (with special supports, which we use).

Is prenatal massage dangerous?

Massage supports a healthy pregnancy and does not cause miscarriage or induce preterm labor. However, there are special considerations and prenatal massage should ONLY be performed by a therapist with extensive training and certifications.

How often should I get a maternity massage?

Although this will vary for every woman, we generally recommend you do it in conjunction with your prenatal doctor visits. This would mean that you get a massage once per month until you are 27 weeks along. At that point we would encourage bi-monthly massages until you hit 36 weeks and then weekly massages until you give birth. Many people choose to do every other week throughout their pregnancy and right on through postpartum. We can work with you to recommend a program that fits your needs.

Can I lay face down during my massage?

We use special orthopedic pillows that adjust to your belly and breasts throughout the pregnancy. These enable you to lie facedown comfortably and safely during the massage. Many massage clinics will offer maternity massage but will only do it in side posture. While we can do that if it’s more comfortable, you are able to lay facedown during a massage with the use of our specialty supports.

How long of a massage should I schedule?

Each massage is tailored to your specific needs. If you want a full-body massage, we require a minimum of 60 minutes. Although 75 or 90 minutes is even better and allows us to cover the entire body as well as focus on a few different trouble areas. 30 minute massages are great for treatment of just 1-2 areas.

Do I need to consult with my doctor before scheduling?

We are confident working with almost every pregnant woman. However, if you have certain high-risk conditions that can be inflamed by increased blood flow we do recommend speaking with your prenatal doctor. If you have any questions about this, please ask one of our therapists when booking your appointment.

How soon after childbirth can I get a postpartum massage? How often should I?

It is easy to forget about taking care of yourself after giving birth. But we promise that postpartum greatly improves your mental, physical and emotional health. We liken a postpartum massage to a sports massage after running a marathon. You crossed the finish line and you were running on adrenaline and willpower for the last little bit. Your body needs help healing… and we got you covered!  You can begin treatment after 5 days (we recommend within the first 10) and then you and your therapist can come up with a regular schedule. The goal is to get to 6 weeks of feeling great within a 6 month window. Some may do this faster and others take longer.

There are certain methods and areas we will focus on to help your body recover. It will also help with stress and anxiety. The good endorphins released during a massage can help you feel more rested and calm, letting you enjoy the time with your newborn even more.

BONUS: you can bring your baby with you and we aren’t afraid of leaking. Ask us about childcare services.

What is Labor Stimulation Massage?

Labor Stimulation massage can help aide the body to go into labor. These massages are available starting at 39 weeks. We can’t guarantee that it will put you into labor, but utilizing a series of acupressure points, we can hopefully help you get the process started. Also, one of the fastest ways to STOP labor is to stress about it. Let us help you relax and get your body ready to go naturally into labor.

Do you ONLY work on pregnant women at Maternal Massage?

Absolutely not! Although the majority of our clients are pregnant, we also treat moms postpartum as well as dads and kids. Massage is beneficial to everyone through all stages of life, and we provide care for anyone who needs it. Some of our therapists have extensive training in deep tissue, sports and other modalities as well. Just ask when booking.

Do you accept insurance?

At this time we do not bill insurance, however, if your plan uses a health savings account (HSA) or flex spending account, you can use those to pay for the massage. While we don’t require a note of medical necessity, your insurance company may want one from your physician.

Can my HSA or FSA pay for the massage?

A health savings account (HSA) or flex spending account can be used to pay for the massage. While we don’t require a note of medical necessity, your insurance company may want one from your physician. Please verify with your company for specific requirements.