Once you near the end of your pregnancy, you will go through a lot of emotions. Excitement being the main one but you may also experience some anxiety. There is a lot to do to make sure you are prepared and ready. You may also be dealing with a lot of aches, pains and even acid reflux that can throw off your preparations. Check out this list of 10 things to do before giving birth to help you get ready!

Are you ready for baby?

  • Install Car Seat: Early term pregnancy starts at 37 weeks, and although you don’t want to cut babies cooking time down, you should be prepared for that possibility. Have this ready to go well before you go to the hospital.
  • Wash Baby Clothes: Most pediatricians recommend washing clothes, sheets and blankets with a baby safe laundry detergent.
  • Date Night: Spend some time with your partner. Once baby arrives you will be busy and tired and it is easy to forget how important quality time with your partner is.
  • Meal Prep: After baby arrives, I promise you won’t be thinking about cooking full healthy meals. Pre cook a few and freeze them. This will help ensure you keep your nutrition up even when you are dealing with having a new baby. Frozen casseroles or slow cooker dump meals are great options. You can also pre make breakfast burritos or smoothie bags.
  • Pack Your Bag: This one is obvious, but have your hospital bag packed and ready to go at 37 weeks. Think of things besides clothes like: toiletries, phone charger, nursing bra, healthy snacks, books, favorite pillow, etc.
  • Research Specialists And Doctors: If you are going to breastfeed, you may consider meeting with a lactation specialist. You should also have your pediatrician chosen for your new baby.
  • Check With Your Insurance About A Breast Pump: Most insurances offer breast pump coverage so make sure you contact them. This can save you hundreds of dollars. You can usually order it a week before your due date.
  • Find a Photographer: Are you going to have a birth photographer? Or do you want to do newborn photos right away? Research your options. We recommend Beka Price Photography.
  • Final Check: Do you have a plan for your other kids? Do you have diapers ready to go? Is the crib set up? Do you have bathing supplies? Most people have these done well before 37 weeks, but it doesn’t hurt to do a double check.

But wait… that is only 9 tips. The last one is just for you.G

Schedule A Prenatal Massage

At this point in your pregnancy you may be counting down the days to meet your new baby, but don’t rush it. Even if you can’t sleep or are uncomfortable, this is a time to enjoy and treasure. Prenatal massage can help you relax and enjoy the last month with your baby. Moms to be and new moms alike work 24 hours. It is SO important that you take care of your body. Prenatal massage can help with aches and pains but can also help with relaxation and lowering your blood pressure.

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