Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it definitely brings some aches and pains. If you are pregnant and looking for ways to get rid of those pregnancy pains, prenatal massage could be your answer. But there is a lot of false information about prenatal massage out there. So we are going to debunk the biggest 5 myths about prenatal massage.

Myth 1: Massage During The First Trimester Can Cause Miscarriage

Okay, this is obviously a scary one – and probably the biggest one we hear. The first 12 weeks of any pregnancy is delicate for everybody while mom’s body determines if the fetus is viable. It is a critical time or development during which most people don’t even announce their pregnancy for fear of miscarriage. Many will also avoid massage, although there is NO research showing that massage during this time increases miscarriage.

The real reason this one is perpetuated? Because of massage therapists that don’t have enough training to safely and confidently massage during the first trimester. Many massage clinics will turn you away during the first trimester – which is why you need to go somewhere that specializes, as Maternal Massage does.

Myth 2: Prenatal Massage Must Be Done In Side Posture

While prenatal massage CAN be done in side posture, it doesn’t have to be if the massage clinic specializes in prenatal massage. Why? Because we specialize in prenatal massage, we have special orthopedic pillows and supports that allow mom to safely lay face down to receive a massage. These pillows are designed for this purpose and will support the body without restricting blood flow for mom or baby.

Myth 3: Massage Will Induce Labor Before Ready

When we are scheduling our clients, some moms want to stop coming in at 30 weeks for fear they will go into labor too soon. Not true. In fact, we encourage you to have massage right up to your due date because that will give you the most benefits (think 3 hours shorter of labor on average). Now it gets a little more tricky at 38+ weeks because at this point we CAN do a labor stimulation massage utilizing specific acupressure points and techniques. Again, this comes down to going to a therapist that knows when to hit these points and when to avoid them.

Myth 4: Massage Can Rotate My Baby

It is outside the scope of a massage therapist to try and rotate a baby that is breech. But this also works in reverse, you don’t need to worry about us turning your baby the wrong way either. If your baby is breech, there are specialists that you can look into to help you turn your baby but it should always be done with doctors advise and consent.

Myth 5: Prenatal Massage Feels Good But Doesn’t Do Anything Else

Alright, this is a little bit of a stretch. This isn’t so much of a myth so much as something that people just don’t understand. Yes, prenatal massage feels great and can help relieve the pains in your body. But it truly is SO MUCH MORE! It can also help:

  • Lower Stress & Improve Mood
  • Lower Anxiety & Depression
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improve Quality and Length of Sleep
  • Increase Oxytocin Production
  • Lower Prenatal Complications
  • Decrease labor time by up to 3 hours

With all the benefits and not many risks, prenatal massage can be a very powerful tool to help you feel your best throughout pregnancy. Is it for everybody? No, there are some high risk issues that we cannot work on and some that we may require a doctors note before proceeding, but it’s important to know we do that because we are trained and understand what is happening to your body during pregnancy. Going to a specialist is the best way to ensure, not only the best massage, but the safety of you and your baby.

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