Maternal Massage’s New Owners are Excited to Meet You!

Maternal Massage, the premier prenatal massage provider in Utah, has new owners! Let me introduce you to the group of women who just took ownership. Meet Shelley Samuel, Sharon Bray and Rachel Dial.

We are three sisters who come from a close-knit family where there are six (yes, SIX!) girls, plus a few more sisters we were able to convince to join our craziness. Two awesome men were born into this zoo, too. Between the three of us we have sixteen children, three grandbabies and two more grandbabies on the way. We love the miracle of childbirth and understand all of the physical and emotional demands it takes on a mother and the village surrounding her. And we want to be there to support others in their journeys.

Meet Shelley

I am Shelley, the oldest in our family. Six of the above mentioned children are mine, and two of the grandbabies! I clearly remember my first pregnancy, and how much I loved it. One thing that sticks with me though, was how hard it was to deal with the changes in my body. It was 1994, and there weren’t many places to shop for cute maternity wear – although Motherhood, one of the first maternity boutiques, was new and a store where I could find style. I am petite, 5’1 and a half, and, luckily, was able to keep myself in “regular” clothes until I was five months along. But then, I had to go shopping.

I headed over to Motherhood to find something to wear and ended up in the dressing room with an armful of clothes. Of course, the maternity clothes showed off my belly perfectly. I took one look in the mirror at that obvious bump and started crying my eyes out. Even though I’ve always had “child-bearing hips,” I was proud of my tiny waist. It was such a shock to see the huge – huge was all I could think anyway – difference in my body. I was not prepared for the drastic difference in my body, especially that first pregnancy! I went on to have five more children after that, and the shocks kept coming. I learned something different about my body during each pregnancy. And you will too.

Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

We all learned, through our different experiences, that pregnancy requires a special kind of TLC. No matter how wonderful our partners are, most often they cannot truly understand what a woman goes through physically, mentally and emotionally during pregnancy. All the changes that occur while you are growing another human being in your body are out of your control. Your body becomes more someone else’s than your own, and a stranger’s body to yourself and loved ones. It is a vulnerable, life-altering time in your life, yet it’s a beautiful miracle. Nothing in your life will ever be the same. We understand, and we are here to help. 

We have a kind, knowledgeable staff who are specifically trained in massage techniques for pregnant and postpartum care. The many benefits of massage during pregnancy and postpartum include:

  • Alleviating back + leg pain
  • Reducing labor pain during childbirth
  • Lessening postoperative pain
  • Reducing anxiety + stress
  • Improving mood + lifting depression
  • Easing insomnia

(According to the American Massage Therapy Association)

Pampering During Pregnancy

As sisters, we invested in Maternal Massage because we know what a stressful and emotional rollercoaster it can be getting pregnant, being pregnant (and having a pregnant body) and being a postpartum new parent. Our masseuses are here to provide relief during pregnancy and after you give birth. We want you to come to us to feel pampered, cared for and, most importantly, listened to and understood.

Come and visit our beautiful space where you can feel pampered and find relief from discomfort, stress and anxiety – at least for a while. We hope that you will include us as part of your prenatal and postnatal care during this wonderful and challenging time of life.


Shelley Samuel, New Co-Owner, Maternal Massage


P.S. We will be updating this blog on a regular basis so you will hear from each of us. We will also be providing ongoing education for pregnancy and postpartum care.  

Thank you for visiting us!