In most cases, prenatal massage is completely safe for pregnant women throughout all stages of pregnancy. However, there are some cases where we either recommend speaking with your doctor first, or even skipping the massage. When it comes to prenatal massage & high risk pregnancy, we want to do our best to ensure the safety of both mom and baby.

High Risk Pregnancy Requiring Doctor’s Note

The following are conditions in which we can still perform the pregnancy massage, but we will require a note from your doctor or midwife saying you are cleared to receive it.

  • Blood clots or history of clotting issues
  • Cardiac disease or disorders
  • Any previous major surgery (on organs or organ transplant)
  • Pregnant with triplets (or more)
  • Any illegal drugs taken during pregnancy
  • HIV positive
  • Any other “high risk” conditions mentioned by your doctor

Conditions when we recommend cancelling your pregnancy massage

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, please cancel or reschedule your massage. See cancellation policy at the bottom of this page.

  • Breast infection that includes a fever
  • Complications with diabetes
  • Cancer, undiagnosed lumps
  • UTI or Kidney infection
  • Severe or unexplained abdominal pain, Fever, nausea or diarrhea
  • Eclampsia (toxemia) or pre-eclampsia (GEPH)
  • Premature labor (labor prior to 37 weeks)
  • Active infection or contagious disease
  • Threat of miscarriage – current bleeding or spotting

If you have questions or concerns and would like to speak with your therapist about it. Please text or call us at 385-351-5626.