First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! This is always such an exciting time but it definitely comes with some stress and even some physical pain. Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage can help. If you have booked your appointment, continue reading to learn how to prep for your pregnancy massage. If not, click here to book now.

Prenatal Massage: Peace of Mind

There are so many false rumors out there about prenatal massage. The first thing you need to do before coming in, is just relax. Prenatal massage is perfectly safe when done by a trained massage therapist. Which the entire team at Maternal Massage is.

However, if your doctor has told you that your pregnancy is high risk, we do recommend reviewing this. It will go over high risk pregnancies and some conditions that may require a note from your doctor before proceeding.

Day Of Pregnancy Massage

This is one that people overthink. Don’t stress. Wear something comfortable – you will disrobe to your comfort level for the massage (most people go fully nude as you are always draped and covered, some people opt to leave on underwear). Arrive 5-10 minutes early for your first appointment in order to fill out paperwork and have the therapist explain the pillows and supports to you.

People come to the clinic in all stages, but most leave looking a little disheveled. Your hair and makeup may not survive the massage but you’ll probably be feeling so good it won’t matter. 🙂

Post Pregnancy Massage

After the massage, you may feel a little disoriented or even a bit dizzy. We always encourage our clients to take their time getting up. We may recommend some stretches and exercises to keep muscles loose. And we will ALWAYS recommend drinking a lot of water. The 24 hours after massage are crucial to drink water. This helps with releasing toxins, preventing headaches and preventing muscle soreness. If you do experience any of these, they should go away after 24-48 hours and you’ll be left feeling better than ever.

Your therapist will recommend a treatment program for you based on the stage of pregnancy you are in and what conditions we are treating. Someone who is early in the pregnancy and feeling great will not get the same recommendation as someone struggling with sciatica in their 37th week. Massage helps and can make you feel better, but it isn’t a one and done situation. Your body may go back to its old ways, or as baby grows that hip may hurt again. Listen to your therapist and book your next appointment for best results.

So you may have realized, beyond looking for high risk pregnancy factors, there isn’t a lot to worry about when prepping for your pregnancy massage. Just relax and let us take care of you, momma!